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'Otthulaippu' was formally launched in UK in 2014. Otthulaippu means collaboration / cooperation / working together in Tamil Language. We support already established non-government, government organisations & academic institutions in Sri Lanka by coaching their employees & communities to motivate and develop their skills to enhance productivity.

We also conduct awareness sessions of current socially hot topics and issues faced by our communities including violence against women & girls, mental health, health & well-being, social-media misuse etc.

We continue to evolve with our work with the communities as the needs take us ………


Empowerment of communities impacted by the civil war in Sri Lanka through socio economic development & leadership


Collaboration of organisations & individuals working together with social responsibility to empower and develop individuals to create a sustainable, self-sufficient and values based society

Core Values

We are a non-political organisation and have no connection with any organisation past or present. Our work in Sri Lanka covers the whole country where ever we find the need most Our work is entirely humanitarian with no distinction in class, caste, religion or race. We follow the Gandhian principles of


Game Changer: Career Guidance Programme for Schools in Northern Province through effective and smart engagement of all parties involved

University of Jaffna - Students’ Champions Skills Development Workshops

General - Capacity building workshops and awareness sessions for communities as follows

Empowering Women Workshops – 2016

Creating Social Awareness Programme amongst school teachers & children – 2016

Jaffna Teaching Hospital – ‘Service with Smile’ – 2016

Northern Provincial Council – ‘Service with Sincerity’ - 2016

Community Advocacy Work

TAMIL COMMUNITY CENTRE & OTTHULAIPPU Collaborating together in East London for DROP-IN sessions

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